I'd like to thank everyone who made Real Paella possible:

My mother, Dolores Boquera, taught me how to cook.
My dad, Salvador Ten, taught me the four essential keys of running a successful business: hard work, patience, honesty and discipline.

Alicia Ten is an amazing cook and the most organized person I know. Thanks Alicia for always being available, for working so hard and for helping the business with administration, cooking, serving, scheduling, planning events, etc, etc.
Jose Vazquez has helped promote & build the company since the beginning, always with high energy and a positive attitude. He is an excellent cook and a great friend. Thanks Jose for being so supportive during difficult times and for encouraging me to continue with optimism.
Sigrid Camacho is responsible for all the delicious desserts we serve and one of the nicest people I’ve ever known.
Zoe Allaire is so talented in many ways and she surely is one of the best cooks we have. She is my right hand in the business and one of my best friends. Thank you, Zoe, for your hard work and for making Real Paella so colorful & fun.
Daisy Trejo is our kitchen manager and knows how to work hard. Thank you for bringing so much order to the kitchen and for making my job so much easier.
Silviu Ciulei is one of my best friends and one of the best guitarist in the country. For the last 6 years he has made our events unique with his amazing musical talent and his charming personality.
Devin Geraci is our office manager. Her efficiency, attentiveness to detail and ability to problem-solve continue to amaze me.
Juliet Lewis is talented, enthusiastic and fun. She did great work as an office manager and also cooking and a serving.
Rachel Wagers seems to know the secret of how to keep a constant positive attitude while working hard. Thank you Rachel for brightening up each day you come to work with us, it is wonderful to work with a friend like you. I hope you will keep inspiring me with your kindness and good humor for years to come.
Micah Holmbeck is truly an asset to the company, he is not only an expert in making people laugh but it also seems there is nothing he can't do: maintanance,
repairs, prep work, cooking, customer service... Thank you  Micah for your hard work and for bringing to us your good humor and positivity day after day.
Diandria Mesura’s charismatic, charming and artistic personality has inspired us to set new business standards on customer service and food presentation.


Ramin Yazdanpanah
Marco Villa
David Cobb
Carlos Odria
Mariano Rodriguez
Sergio Jordan
Tania Moldovan
Robert Weber
Guillermo Gomez
Roberto Morales
Louise Madonia
Shelby Nabe
Ben Fisher
Kelly Averett
Tyler Rolling
Natalie Spindle
Chris Adkins
Robert Ellis
Lindsey Bradley
Isabella Fernandez
Kristin Tucker
Sushilla Maher
Stephany Poletti
Terri Carter

and more...

Scott Carruthers helped me start the business by giving me legal advice and encouragement.
Katrice Howell is a great photographer and one of the most friendly and positive people I've ever met. Thank you Scott and Katrice for your friendship, for being here for me and my business whenever I need you.
Kati Schardl has helped market Real Paella since the beginning. Thanks Kati for your support and for being such a great friend
Teri & Tico Gimbel are one of our most loyal customer. They've been helping support and promote Real Paella since the start.
Kelly Beck her generosity, kindness and support is keeping Real Paella successful. Thank you for all the work you give us, and for your friendship.
Carlos Alvarez gave me useful marketing advice and is responsible for creating our popular website.
Jill Welch is an amazing cook and a great friend. She has influenced my way of cooking, making it healthier, more natural and sustainable. Thank you, Jill, for your support, your patience and all you've done for Real Paella, my family and I.

And thank you to all our hundreds of clients and friends not mentioned who contribute in making Real Paella a success!




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