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Tapas Catering Menu

15 people minimum

(includes every item listed below)

    • Tapas

      Tapas Catering in Florida

    • Bread - Chips & Nuts

      Bread - Chips & Nuts

      and more...

    • Cheese Platter

      Cheese Platter

      Authentic imported cheeses including Manchego (sheep's milk cheese from La Mancha region), Idiazabal, Mahon, 'Al vino' (wine cured).

    • Chorizo


      Cured pork sausage seasoned with smoked pimentΓ³n (paprika) and salt.

    • Fried Almonds

      Fried Almonds

      Tender and flavorful almonds sautΓ©ed in olive oil and sprinkled with salt.

    • Salchichon


      Dry-cured sausage with black pepper.
      It is classically produced on the plains of Spain, where steady breezes permit an even drying period which promotes complete curing in the sausage.

    • Serrano Ham

      Serrano Ham

      A flavorful, natural ham, cured in the country air.
      It's one of Spain's most valued culinary treasures, a symbol of centuries of history and tradition.

    • Spanish Olives

      Spanish Olives

      Aceitunas marinadas (Olives in Herb Dressing) Olives & herbs from Andalucia dressed with Spanish olive oil, paprika and wine vinegar

      Aceitunas con anchoa (Anchovy olives) Soft and delicious anchovy flavored Manzanilla olives. One of our customers favorites

    • Traditional Tapas

      Traditional Tapas

      Imported from Spain: cheeses (idiazabal, manchego, mahon, al vino), serrano ham, sausages (chorizos, salchichon), marinated olives, sautΓ©ed almonds, chips, nuts... These delicious hors d'oeuvres are elegantly presented and meticulously prepared.