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Wedding Catering
Real Paella Catering at an event
Paella Catering
Close up of cooking Paella by Real Paella Catering
Real Paella Catering uses only locally grown organic produce
Real Paella Catering

Cooked On-site or Delivered

Real Paella Catering

Seamless, professional, stress-free

Paella Catering

Up to 1,000 people parties

Close up of cooking classic Paella by Real Paella Catering

Customizable Options for Any Event

Healthy Organic Catering

Organic Paella available

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Authentic European Catering in Florida

Spain’s traditional cuisine and music

Let us cater your event with a flavor of Spain. Our family-owned catering business serves authentic paellas and other fresh, traditional dishes that will delight your guests.
We will also provide spectacular entertainment with live cooking demonstrations and the music to liven up your party with the sounds of Spain.
At Real Paella Catering, we understand and embrace the importance of style and presentation and we have the experience and resources to make your event stress-free and effortless for you.

We are catering events in the following areas:

 Paella catering in 30A Florida       Paella catering in Destin, Florida        Paella catering in Tallahassee, Florida    Real Paella Catering services St Augustine, Florida

Paella Catering in Gainesville, Florida     Paella catering in Jacksonville, Florida   Paella catering in Apalachicola, Florida

 Paella catering in Sarasota, Florida Catering in Tampa   Catering in St Petersburg Florida

Now accepting 2025 Wedding Catering reservations!

A Note to Our Customers

At Real Paella Catering, we are proud of meeting and exceeding all inspection standards of the U.S. FDA code for years (view our inspection reports). We have been practicing extra safety precautions to maintain a healthy and safe environment for both our team and our customers.

We care

Real Paella Catering uses Pastured Poultry in our Paella
Real Paella Catering uses only locally grown Organic Produce
Real Paella Catering uses locally grown organic produce in our vegan salad
Real Paella Catering Pastured Poultry
Real Paella Catering Organic Produce
Real Paella Catering Vegan Salad
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Supporting Local Growers

Organic Catering in Tallahassee, Florida
We only use local fresh ingredients except for the rice, oil & spices, which are imported from Spain.
The products we use are gluten-free, never processed, with NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, MSG, flavors or preservatives.

Organic Paella Catering

Organic Wedding Catering in Tallahassee, Florida
Organic produce is grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Organic meat and dairy livestock receive no antibiotics or added hormones and are raised on organic feed. Genetic engineering and irradiation are never used with any organic product.

Plant A Tree Program

Organic Paella Catering in Florida
Starting in 2022, Real Paella Catering is proud to announce our partnership with the National Forest Foundation! We will have 1 tree planted for every $100 purchase. Every order with Real Paella Catering helps the environment!

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