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Where is Real Paella Catering located?
We provide our catering services to the entire North and Central Florida area, from Pensacola to Jacksonville and Tampa area.
Does Real Paella Catering have a restaurant?
No, we do not have a restaurant. We only provide catering services.
How much space do you need to cook on-site and serve?
To cook on-site, we need a flat space outside of AT LEAST 10’x10′ for a party of up to 100 people, with no more than two paellas cooking. More space may be required for bigger parties. If the cooking or serving is upstairs, or in a difficult to access area, please let us know before your event.
What happens if it rains? Can you still cook outside?
We will always bring a tent in case it rains, but if we consider that it is unsafe to cook outside we may have to bring your meal cooked and ready to serve. Remember to always plan for the possibility that it may rain on the day of your event.
Do you need to see the venue before the event?
As long as we have an appropriate space outside, we don’t have to see the venue, but we will be happy to meet with you to discuss the details.
How do you serve the paella?
We can serve the paella directly from the traditional pan or we can bring individual plates to the tables, but that will require servers.
What's the most popular menu for a wedding party?
Our most popular menu for wedding catering is the mixta paella, Spanish salad, tapas, dessert, and sangria.
Do you have a kid's menu?
No, but kids love paella! We can serve them smaller portions.
Do you need to use our kitchen during the event?
No, we do not need to use a kitchen.
How are the traditional tapas served?
The tapas are beautifully arranged on platters for serving guests.
Do you need water and electricity to cook on-site?
No, we do not need water or electricity.
How long does it take you to set up, cook and serve?
It takes about 2 hours from the time we start setting up the equipment until we are ready to serve.
Is the paella gluten-free?
Yes, our paella is naturally gluten-free.
Do you use any MSG?
No, we do not use any MSG.
What's the minimum and maximum amount of people you can deliver for or cook on-site?
We are serving all of North and Central Florida. There is a minimum guest count of 15 people in Leon County, and 50 people anywhere else in Florida. The maximum is 1,000 guests.
Do you deliver the paella in the pan?
No, the paella will be cooked in a paella pan and then transferred to aluminum disposable trays before delivering it. The person delivering the food will provide you with instructions on how to warm it up and serve it.
How do we keep the food warm?
You can usually keep it warm on a regular stove, depending on the size, but the delivery person will provide instructions on how to serve the paella and keep it warm.
What type of rice and spices do you use?
We use Valencian rice, saffron, and smoked paprika imported from Spain.
How long does it take to cook paella on-site for 25, 50 or 100 people?
It depends on the size, most parties take 2 hours.
How much parking space do you need?
We need direct access to our truck and trailer, since the equipment we use is difficult to move.
How many different types of paellas can I order for one party?
There is no limit to the variety of paellas that you may order. However, for parties with less than 40 people, there is a limit of two types of paella.
What if there is a person allergic to shellfish in the party?
We can accommodate for food allergies and dietary restrictions.
Do you usually serve the salad already dressed?
Yes, we serve the salad dressed with a mix of imported wine vinegars and olive oil.
Can you bring coffee and dessert to an event?
Yes, we can bring dessert to an event. We no longer offer our espresso services.
What types of live music can you provide?
We can provide flamenco guitar, flamenco band, classical guitar, and Latin jazz.
Is there a catering contract?
Yes, we will send you an on-line catering contract to be signed electronically.
Can you recommend a venue?
Yes, we can recommend a venue.
Is there a cancellation fee?
We do not have a cancellation fee, but any paid deposits are non-refundable.
Can a customer cancel or change an order?
The order can be changed 72 hours prior to the event.
What do you do with leftovers?
We will leave them at the event for you to enjoy.
When and how do I make the final payment?
The final payment is due the day of the event. It can be paid with check, cash, or money order. We now accept credit cards for the final order with an additional 5% surcharge.
Do you offer food samples to your customers?
We cannot provide samples because all of our food is prepared fresh and individually for each event. We encourage potential customers to read our catering reviews from previous customers.
Do you provide plates, silverware, etc?
Yes, but please be sure you request it in your quote. We offer Compostable (eco-friendly) plates, napkins, and utensils on request. We also offer porcelain plates and stainless steel forks rentals for an additional charge.
Can we arrange a meeting prior to our event?
Of course, one of our catering coordinators would be happy to meet with you.
Does Real Paella Catering meet the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Food Code?
Yes, we meet all inspection standards with no violations. Please view our inspection reports.

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