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Unique Catering Services in Gainesville, Florida

Real Paella Catering: An Exotic Dining Experience

Bring Spain to your event!

Real Paella Catering is a very unique catering business servicing the Gainesville, Florida. We specialize in traditional Mediterranean cuisine from Spain. Our family owned business serves fresh, traditional dishes that will delight your guests. Let us cater your event with a flavor of Spain and try authentic paellas cooked on site. We will also provide dreamy homemade desserts and live flamenco music to lively up your party with the sounds of Spain.

We are committed to providing the highest standards in quality, service, and presentation.
Real Paella Catering’s tempting tastes derive from fresh, local organic ingredients and spices, rice, and oil imported from Spain.

Paella parties are ideal for any festive occasion: weddings, anniversaries, office parties, birthdays, baptisms, graduations or any other special event.

  1. Serving sizes: Paella catering typically offers a range of serving sizes to accommodate different events and group sizes. Depending on the number of guests, paella caterers can prepare paellas in large, 28-inch pans that serve up to 30 people, or smaller, 16-inch pans that serve 8-10 people.
  2. Cooking time: The cooking time for paella can vary depending on the type of paella being prepared, the size of the pan, and the heat source being used. Generally, paella takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes to cook, but this can be longer for larger pans or more complex paellas.
  3. Ingredients: While paella typically includes rice, saffron, and a mix of seafood and/or meat, the specific ingredients used can vary depending on the region of Spain and the personal preferences of the chef. Some paella caterers use locally sourced ingredients to add a unique twist to their paellas, while others stick to traditional Spanish ingredients.
  4. Serving style: Paella catering can be served in a variety of ways, depending on the preferences of the client. Some paella caterers serve the paella family-style, with guests helping themselves from the pan. Others plate the paella individually, either in the kitchen or at a buffet station.
  5. Equipment: To prepare and serve paella on-site, paella caterers typically bring their own equipment, including large paella pans, burners, and stands. This allows them to cook the paella on-site and ensure that it is served hot and fresh.

Corporate Event Catering in Gainesville, Florida

Corporate event catering is a specialized type of catering that caters to the needs of businesses and corporations. It involves providing food and beverage services for various corporate events, such as business meetings, conferences, product launches, and holiday parties.

Here are some key aspects of corporate event catering:

  1. Menu customization: Corporate event caterers offer a wide variety of menus and are flexible in customizing their offerings to suit the needs of their clients. The caterer will work with the client to develop a menu that fits the event’s theme, dietary restrictions, and budget.
  2. Efficiency and professionalism: Corporate event caterers understand that time is of the essence in a corporate setting. They are equipped to handle large volumes of guests quickly and efficiently while maintaining a professional demeanor throughout the event.
  3. Wide range of options: Corporate event catering can include a range of food options, from breakfast pastries to gourmet lunches to elegant dinners. Caterers can also provide snacks and refreshments throughout the day, such as coffee, tea, and water.
  4. Set-up and clean-up: A corporate event caterer typically handles all aspects of the food service, from set-up to clean-up. This includes providing plates, utensils, napkins, and other necessary items for the meal, as well as cleaning up and removing all food service items after the event.
  5. Dietary accommodations: Corporate event caterers can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. They can also provide options for guests with food allergies or other special needs.
  6. Branding and presentation: Corporate event catering can also be used to promote a brand or company message. Caterers can provide custom-branded packaging or incorporate branded elements into the presentation of the food, such as adding the company’s logo to cupcakes or desserts.

Overall, paella catering provides a unique and flavorful dining experience that is sure to impress guests. With customizable menus, on-site cooking, and a festive atmosphere, paella catering is a great option for a wide range of events and special occasions.

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Real Paella Catering will create a culinary adventure you and your guests are sure to remember!

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Real Paella Catering

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