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It normally has red wine, brandy, and fruit. However, it can be made in just about any style you can imagine. You can make Sangria with white wine and even Champagne!

From its humble roots in Spain, Sangria has grown to become a popular, refreshing party drink around the world. In the US, Sangria was first tasted at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The Spanish World area served this fruity wine punch to its visitors, and history was made!

Sangria is based on the traditional red wine punch popular across europe for hundreds of years. The punch base would be claret, i.e. Bordeaux wine from France. Brandy and fruit would be added to the punch for flavor. In the 1700s and 1800s, Claret Cup Punch could be found at parties of all sizes.

Every restaurant has its own sangria recipe – typically a mix of wine, brandy and fresh fruits, served over ice. It’s one of the most individualistic drinks on the market. Don’t just buy a mix at the store – have fun and create your own! Sangria’s appeal is all about taking your favorite red wine, your favorite fruits, and experimenting with them.

Sangria is a red wine punch, although it can also be made with white wine – it is then known as ‘Sangria Blanco’. Sangria was originally created in Spain with Rioja and other Spanish reds. Soon, however, the Cava-producing area adopted a sparkling white version. In the south of Spain Sangria is called zurra, and is created with peach or nectarine.

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